BusinessInvestmentDecember 10, 2020The Opportunities in the Market

A lot of people may not realize this but the bull market we’ve been experiencing for the past few years has been absolutely historic! Seriously … once it’s over, we may not experience anything like it again in our lifetime! If you have a 401K, you may have noticed how much it’s grown. To put things in perspective of how special it is, think about how we had a devastating market crash in 2012* that ruined tons of businesses. In another market, it may have taken years to recover but only seven months later, the market was breaking all-time record highs!

And it didn’t stop there. There were times that we were breaking record highs almost daily. Talk about market volatility! This is the strongest bull market in history and it’s increasing the number of people who are interested in learning how to trade and invest with the stock market.


The great thing is, though … Regular people have more access to the markets than ever before. If you have a computer and adequate internet access, you can trade and invest stocks just like anyone else. With the right skillset, stock


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